How To Stop Climate Change Podcast

Our new Climate Change Podcast

How To Stop Climate Change

Hey there, I’m excited to let you know that Keaton and I have just launched a new climate change podcast called How To Stop Climate Change. It’s a show about the people that are working to fix the climate crisis. Sometimes it seems like no one is doing anything about this upcoming catastrophe.

It’s true that most of the world’s leaders aren’t doing nearly enough, but a lot of people are hard at work every day trying to change our course. It’s not just people in renewable energy or in the activist community. There are people fighting climate change in nearly every industry, from agriculture to transportation.

How To Stop Climate Change will share stories about the determined people who are working on the climate crisis. We’ll also take a look at the actions and policies that could make a real difference and identify the things you shouldn’t waste your time worrying about.

Thanks so much for listening to Clean Power Planet over the years. It’s been fun and I’ve learned a lot from the amazing people that we’ve interviewed.

We hope you enjoy How To Stop Climate Change. Episode 1 is already live. Please look for it on your favorite podcast app and subscribe. If you like it, please take a second and give it a positive rating.

You can find it here:

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