Kentucky and the Clean Power Plan

The Clean Power Plan. We will get there despite shooting ourselves in the foot. Guest Lane Boldman

Kentucky and the Clean Power Plan
Lane Boldman talks about the draft version of the Clean Power Plan for Kentucky

I’m really excited about today’s show. I’ll be joined by Lane Boldman, Executive Director of the Kentucky Conservation Committee. She’s been working on environmental issues since 1992 and has held several roles with the Sierra Club, including serving on the national Board of Directors. We will be talking about opportunities and challenges created by the clean power plan. But first I have some news I’d like to share with you.

Positive Polarity Report

Back in episode 2, I went to Frankfort, Kentucky’s capital, for a renewable energy lobbying day set up by the Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance. They were promoting four clean energy friendly bills. It was a short legislative session which didn’t help things. I asked Jack Barnett to give me a long overdue update on the outcome. Listen to the episode for Jack’s answer.

Lane Boldman on the Clean Power Plan

Lane Boldman has worked on some pretty impressive projects during her career as an environmental activist. She led the Sierra Club’s policy team on Natural Gas Fracking, Chaired the Council of Sierra Club Leaders and served on the board of Citizens Coal Council, working to empower citizens affected by the impacts of mining and coal.

The Kentucky Conservation Committee

Her current employer, the Kentucky Conservation Committee ( or KCC) is a coalition of individuals and organizations who work to protect Kentucky’s natural resources. They support conservation and sustainable environmental policies, and hold elected officials accountable for the decisions they make that affect our resources and air and water quality. Listen to the episode for Lane’s interview. Lane has had an exciting career in environmental advocacy so we covered a lot of ground.

By the way, we would love to share your renewable energy story. Just email me at david at Tell me how you got excited about renewable energy and what you’re doing about it. Maybe your story will inspire someone else to flip the switch.

Clean Power Planet Chronicles

I went to the American Solar Energy Society meeting at Penn State last week. I saw some really interesting talks, met a lot of great people and reconnected with some people that I met the last time I went in 2007 and 2008. I got some great interviews and I can’t wait to share them with you in upcoming episodes.

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