Lucas Dixon of Plug Smart

A Smart Energy Efficiency Strategy – Lucas Dixon of Plug Smart

Today’s guest is Lucas Dixon, project manager with Plug Smart in Columbus, Ohio. He helps schools and other organizations improve their energy efficiency and use the savings to fund even […]

Lisa Iulo Penn State Architecture

Energy Efficient Modular Housing with Lisa Iulo

I’m really excited about today’s show. We’re going to explore modular homes and the importance of energy efficiency in making affordable housing affordable. My guest is Lisa Iulo, an Associate […]

Renewable Energy Podcast

Welcome to your Solar Tour: A Renewable Energy Field Trip

This isn’t your typical episode of Clean Power Planet. This is our solar tour episode. October is the American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour month and they help local […]

David Panich American Solar Energy Society

American Solar Energy Society chair David Panich

“Where I first kind of noticed that was In tenth grade biology and we did a yeast culture. I remember distinctly. A little petri dish and you put these little […]

Jamie Clark of Climate Control

Energy Efficiency: A Blower Door Test on a Tent

Way back in episode three, Jack Barnett told me about his super insulated house and then I said “I’m thinking about my 100 year old house and the windows in […]