Your Renewable Energy Story

Someone emailed me to tell me about their solar system a day or two after I posted the first episode of this podcast. That was pretty exciting and it made me think, “What if I could get a lot of people to share their renewable energy story. I can create a category for them on the blog. Some of them could go in the podcast. That would be awesome. So thanks to Constance who emailed me to share her story. Her husband Damian wrote a blog post describing their system and you can find that here.

I hope you will share your renewable energy story too. If you don’t have one but you want to get started doing something with renewable energy then share your goals or ask a question. Chances are really good that I won’t know the answer but I will try to find someone who does and we can build a community to help each other get started with renewable energy.

Email your story along with a couple of photos to

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